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Linear Variable Spectral Filters

Linear Variable Spectral Filters

The Linear Variable Spectral filter changes wavelength along the length of the filter. These filters have the same transmission characteristic as our standard fixed narrow bandpass filters. The undesirable secondary transmission ranges are blocked by graduated color glasses.

When the linear variable spectral fitlers are usedwith a slit on the entrance side, broadening the slit leads to a wider transmission curve and a reduction of the maximum transmittance. Slit widths of up to 1mm have practically no influence on the spectral characteristics.

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Description Product No. Graph Price Qty / Buy / Quote
Linear Variable Spectral Filter: 60 x 25mm, BK-7 R04610-00 Quote
Substrate MaterialBK-7 or equivalent
Dimensions60mm x 25mm +0.0/-0.3mm
Thickness< 5mm ±0.2mm
Edge FinishGround
Surface Quality (SQ)80-50 Scratch & Dig
Clear Aperture (CA)90%
Angle Of Incidence (AOI)
Surface Flatnessn/a
Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE)< 2 Waves Per 25mm
Parallelism< 3 Arc Minutes
CoatingAll Dielectric
Wavelength400nm to 700nm
Bandwidth10nm to 18nm
Blocking1 x 10-3
Operating Temperature-50° C to 100° C
Center Wavelength510nm
Cut OnVariable
Cut OffVariable
Laser Damage1 W/cm² CW, 1 J/cm² Pulsed, Typical
Transmission> 25%