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Bullseye® Apodizing Filters



Bullseye® Apodizing filters are used to eliminate undesirable intensity variations in optical systems. There are two types: Clear Center, where the Gaussian density distribution increases in a radial direction from the center to edge and Dark Center, where the density increases from the edge to the center of the substrate. Our line of Bullseye® Apodizing filters meet general optical system requirements, are manufactured on high quality BK-7 substrate, and are available with a density from 1 to 5 and a diameter of 25mm or 50mm.

Reynard Corporation also offers Custom Bullseye® Apodizing Filters which can be designed for any mathematical function regardless of the size of the beam.  These filters are produced on a custom basis to meet any distribution function, available on any substrate material and can be designed to operate at any wavelength from the UV to the far Infrared.

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