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Mirrors are designed to reflect electromagnetic radiation. Mirror coating materials can be designed to reflect all wavelengths of light or be very selective region. The common mirror coatings are: Aluminum, Silver, Gold and all dielectric materials. Each of these materials has specific wavelengths of reflection and absorption. Metallic coatings can range from 90% to 98% reflection depending the metal being used and wavelength of reflection. All dielectric mirrors typically reflect a narrower band of radiation but can achieve greater than 99.999% reflection. The all dielectric coatings can be designed to reflect specific wavelengths while transmitting other wavelengths such as with a Hot Mirror or Cold Mirror.

Another type of mirror is the dark mirror. This unique mirror is designed to reflect less than 1% across the visible wavelengths. This coating is designed to element stray radiation from bouncing around an optical system and thus improves the signal to noise ratio.

Dielectric / Hybrid Mirrors

Specialty Mirrors