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Longwave Pass Dielectric Coating

Longwave Pass Dielectric Coating

Longwave pass (VIS) and Longwave pass (IR) filters are designed to have a steep transition between the region of transmission and reflection. The typical transition slopes are less than 6% which are much less than colored absorbing glass filters. These filters are made from hard dielectric materials and thus can withstand harsh climatic conditions.  This is a custom coating.

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Description Product No. Graph Price Qty / Buy / Quote
Dielectric: Custom Longwave Pass Coating R00000-84 Quote
Substrate Materialn/a
Angle Of Incidence (AOI)
CoatingDielectric Coatings
WavelengthAs Requested
Blocking> 98%
Operating Temperature-50° C to 100° C
Cut OnAs Requested
Cut OffAs Requested
TransmissionAs Requested