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Fabrication of Exotic Materials:

 optical fabricationThe optical fabrication department at Reynard Corporation has developed an expertise in working with exotic materials in addition to a full line of visible and infrared glass and crystals. One such example is our ability to work with semiconductor-type materials.

Reynard has a specialized III-V material processing facility dedicated for working with semiconductor materials that include InAs, InP, InGaAs, GaAs, MCT, and others. Working with these materials requires intimate knowledge about crystal growth formation within the material. Crystalline grain boundaries cannot be eliminated from a cut wafer; however, surface finishing can greatly reduce their effects on a transmitted signal. Dedicated grinding and polishing machines allow a Master Optician to produce finished product with very low surface defects and excellent optical quality surfaces. Further, Reynard is able to utilize their proven edge polishing technique to eliminate edge defects that could result in a fractured part. Optical coatings, such as anti-reflection or filtering, can be applied after the product is fabricated to increase performance for its intended application. Most commonly, these finished products are stand-alone optics used as part of an optical system, although, Reynard has also successfully coated directly on a detector as well.

In addition to producing plano windows with these exotic materials, spherical off-axis lenses have been produced. These hand-crafted lenses utilize the same surface and edge polishing techniques developed for plano optics to create a high precision finished optical element.