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IR Dual Band:

IR coatings have been a specialty of Reynard for many years through direct and indirect government programs. As third generation infrared imaging matures, the demand for dual band IR coatings is growing. Reynard has taken their experience in working with IR material sets and specialized IR substrate materials and has successfully developed a variety of dual band coatings. The most common request is a mid-wave infrared (MWIR, 3-5 µm) and long-wave infrared (LWIR, 8-12 µm) dual bandpass coating, in which we have achieved above an average transmission of 95% in each band. Reynard coatings offer fast transitions between the in-band and out-of-band wavelength regions, while providing high average transmission. Out-of-band blocking can reach levels of several OD.

Other variation of multi-band requests include pairing the LWIR band with the near IR (NIR), shortwave IR (SWIR, 0.9-1.7µm), or even the visible band (0.4-0.7µm). One of the factors that limit multi-band functionality is the selection of the substrate materials. Careful selection must be made to choose a material that does not cut-off in the band of interested transmission.