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Broadband AR:

Every transmission optic that Reynard designs and builds has aspects of anti-reflection design in order to maximize transmission. This experience has led to fundamental understandings of many substrate materials and how to maximize light through these optical components. We have taken this knowledge and formulated very high-performing, broadband anti-reflection (AR) coatings for the visible and NIR. A standard visible design was measured with R(avg) to be less than 0.5% from 0.45um through 0.65um. The more extended Vis-NIR design, with the wavelength band from 0.4um to 1.0um, was measured with R(avg)<0.75%.

Custom broadband AR coatings have also been developed for single and multiple IR bands covering the mid-wave (3-5um band) and the long wave (8-12um band). Performance varies greatly for the many IR material types.