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High Reflection:

high reflection coatings for opticsWith innovative thin film design and precision deposition process control, Reynard has produced a variety of very high reflection coatings. High reflection coatings can be implemented across any wavelength band from the UV to the Far IR. Narrow band designs typically perform better than wide-band, and can be tuned for an optimal performance band. Reynard’s high-reflection (HR) coatings have been validated to achieve over 99.9% reflection. Measurement of these high reflectors becomes very difficult at higher performance values, as they are typically comparisons against a known reflectance standard, such as an unprotected gold or silver reflector. Known standards can degrade over time due to oxidation, environmental changes, or even handling, among other possibilities, changing the reflective performance. This degradation of the standard affects the validity of all future product measurements. For that reasons, an indirect measurement can also be used. For example, Reynard has measured transmission through a reflective device to be less than 0.1%, indicating a better than 99.9% reflection value. However, this indirect measurement does not account for material absorption or surface scattering, which can affect the true reflection value. Careful substrate design and coating material specification can help to minimize these concerns. High reflection coatings are used in applications such as reflecting telescopes, such as in a Cassegrain design, galvo mirrors, and space applications.