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As optics become more complex by either using exotic substrate materials or by very high precision thin film coatings, it is best to minimize the handling to avoid any incidental damage to a completed optic. Reynard has been assisting its customers in this regard by offering first level assembly of the optical component into a higher level assembly.

Assembly of optical componentsAssembly of optical components can be at several levels. One such basic level is the mounting of the optical component into a frame or fixture. These configurations require several cementing zones to hold the optic into place. Once cured, the cemented zones are durable the entire assembly is delivered to the customer

More complex assemblies require RTV Potting and/or soldering. In these configurations RTV holds the optic into place inside of a fixture, as shown below. For some cases, it is necessary to add electrical components, such as thermisters while mounting the optic. Reynard can also attached soldered leads to the surface of the optics, where solder pads have been created. Electrical tests can be performed to ensure proper connectivity

In all cases, the optic is first tested so that it meets all necessary environmental and durability requirements set forth by the customer drawing, as well as for the spectral performance of the optic.