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Radiation Hardened Mirror Coatings:

Reynard has developed three mirror coatings that have been hardened against increased x-ray radiation. The three designs include a visible band design, a long-wave infrared design, and a dual band design covering both the visible and the long wave IR spectrum. The designs have been tested at three different test facilities, including the newest National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Radiation performance enhancements have been measured from 2x to 5x better than the current gold standard design. In addition to x-ray radiation enhancements, the mirrors have also been tested successfully to perform against other types of radiation including electron, proton, and gamma in laboratory environments.

Spectrally, the designs perform very well in their intended wavelength bands, showing reflection above 99.5% in some cases. The designs can be tuned to function in shifted wavelength bands if the application warrants a change, and computer simulated to predict performance.

Currently, the dual-band and the LWIR designs are part of the MISSE-8 program aboard the International Space Station (ISS).