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Optical Power Limiters (OPL):

Optical Power Limiters are essential for protecting sensitive electronic or photonic sensors and detectors from damage due abnormally high radiation exposure, accidental or deliberate. The optic limits the amount of power transmitted through the optical component even as the input power continues to increase, as shown in example below:

broadband, thin film optical limiter

Reynard has developed a broadband, thin film optical limiter that can be tuned to react at specified power levels. The design is indium based, with performance enhancements to improve pre-exposed optical transmission. Reaction response time is in the millisecond range, as validated by laboratory testing at 532nm. The design is non-reversible, meaning that once the limiter goes into the reactive protection state, the radiated area of the limiter does not revert back to pre-exposed transparency levels. Anti-reflection, or other types of metal or dielectric coatings can be applied to the optic for application specific requirements.